Saturday, January 25, 2014

Drowning in Paperwork

My students know me as The Boss of Applesauce, while my peers all know that I am really just drowning in it. 
At this time of year, as I am struggling to write a proposal for Universal Pre-Kindergarten and gather all of the necessary documents to renew our license with the Department of Mental Health and Hygiene, it is easy to lose sight of it all. But as I braved the -5 degree wind chill, four hours early, on Thursday morning and mentally planned for my upcoming Chinese New Year unit, I imagined the children's faces when they would finally master the skill of chopsticks and I thought 'If I could, I would do this job for free.'
I absolutely LOVE teaching!!! I thank God everyday that I am finally getting a chance to do this thing that I love so much. Even if it does come with a ton of paperwork.