Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

 I was doing my normal Facebook stalking, when I came across a photo posted by my former TA showing a display she created at her new school.

My very first thought was "That should have been in my classroom!". I jokingly commented "I'm totally stealing", in the back of my mind feeling there is NO way that I could ever make something of that caliber. This lady is AMAZING with a pencil and a pair of scissors and I'm lucky if I can even find my pencil and my scissors. 
I was so in love with this display however, that I had to try. So I picked her brain on her process and, like all great teachers, she shared the wealth. As an aspiring great teacher, I feel it is only right that I do the same. So here is my rendition of the display and my process, which due to my artistic shortcomings, is somewhat different from hers.

Everything in her display is hand drawn and since I no longer have her to draw for me :-( and I couldn't find my pencil, I decided to go to my next best friend for help-Google. All of my images are downloaded and printed on multiple colors of paper and then cut and glued together. 
I printed the log cabin on brown construction paper and the trees on green and white papers. I traced the top of the log cabin on white paper and cut it out to make a snowy roof. I then cut all of the snowy parts of the trees out of the white paper and glued it on top of the green trees. The sky is blue construction paper over poster board and the snow is white construction paper. 

The falling snow is holes punched out of white paper and individually glued to the paper. (This was the most tedious part of the project. The holes kept sticking to my finger and not the paper.)

Next, came the window frame (brown construction paper)

and the curtains (yellow construction paper).

Next came the candles. I printed the same image on black, white and green papers. Then I cut each individual part out and layered it onto the black base. The berries are cut from the white paper and colored with a red marker and the flames were cut freestyle from orange and yellow paper.
The poinsettias were printed on red, green and yellow paper. I used the green paper as my base and glued the red and yellow cut outs over the base. Layering it this way gives it a slight 3D effect. 

Next, I did the flames. I printed these on red, orange and yellow paper, but I layered it wrong, so the red is behind the yellow instead of the orange. My husband said it wasn't really noticeable so I left it, but if you are going to recreate it, I would suggest placing the orange behind the yellow and the red behind the orange.
 The logs are printed on brown construction paper and glued after the fire had been placed. This was done on black poster board, but I did another for the lobby of my building which utilized black construction paper over white oak tag.

The brick was bought in a roll from a neighborhood pharmacy and cost $1.99 each. I used two complete rolls. This is my finished project:
The entire thing is held onto the wall with contact paper and to protect it from little hands. The Mantle is white poster board and the stockings were purchased from Deals for $1.00 a piece and decorated by the two classes. My class decorated the one on the right with our hand prints.The other class' has a really cool hand print reindeer project housing their names. 
The stockings are held on with velcro strips and will be removed after the holiday. We plan on leaving the fireplace up throughout the winter. 

I also made one on a smaller scale for the lobby of my building. As previously stated, the fireplace uses black construction paper over oak tag. Other changes are that the trees are just printed once on white paper (I didn't think the layering made so much of a difference for the amount of work that it entailed) and the colors for the fire are in the correct order (pictured below).

Completed window and fire. 

Score 1 (or 2, if you count both) for the artistically challenged!