Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pajama Day!!!!!!

Today was Pajama Day at our school and I was so super excited since I have never been a part of one before. I was so elated to don my favorite Hello Kitty Onesie in public that I didn't even wait until I got to work and proudly sported my ensemble on the NYC subway system. New Yorkers are so cool that even though I got a few sideways glances, everyone tried to act like a grown woman in a onesie and a Cookie Monster hat with a purple spotted frog around her neck was the norm. Being a native New Yorker myself,   I calmly read my AM newspaper, as if this were my everyday gear.
I was all geared up to break all the normal classroom routines, only to find out that today we were receiving a visit from the Department of Health. I was crushed! I tried to imagine myself in a professional meeting with my pigtails and pajamas and it made me cringe.
Imagine my relief when our consultant walked in, smiled and said "Oh, it's pajama day? How nice", never even batting an eye. She must be a native New Yorker also. Gotta love my hometown!