Saturday, August 17, 2013

You "Get" to Read This!

I am officially on vacation (Applause! woo hoo! oh yeah, oh yeah!). By vacation I mean completing administrative work for The Children's Magic Shout Out Foundation, attending the 13th Annual Stop the Violence event, working on my teaching tips book, updating my blog and planning my routines and lessons for the new school year which begins September 4th. 
A wise man (my boss, who doesn't read my blog, but you can never be too sure :-D) reminded me that I "get" to do these wonderful things, I don't "have" to do them. I "get to help underprivileged children. I "get" to stand up for what I believe in. I "get" to prepare myself for molding young minds. The best part is, I "get" to share my crazy world with all of you lovely folks. 
Hopefully, I also "get" to get all of those posts that I meant to put up during the school year. Don't be surprised if you see a post on Arctic Animals on a 90 degree Sunday, rest assured, they were covered in January (I think). 
I will try to throw a freebie or two in also. (Why else would anyone come to this page? :-D)

If you haven't already, visit my TPT store and download my current available freebies 

Update: My two week break, turned out to actually be one and a half, as the staff must report to work on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the second week for staff development and to prepare the classrooms. This means I "get" to spend more time than I thought perfecting my room layout for the new school year. Yay me!

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