Sunday, August 11, 2013

Endings & Beginnings

What a crazy week this has been. While most people are preparing for back to school, I am preparing for the end of the school year and the beginning of a new one at the same time! My school runs year round and only closes for two weeks in August. So while I am closing the year out and saying goodbye to my future kindergartners, I am also preparing for a new batch of  little ones, who are just beginning their preschool journey. 
Good thing I have those two "vacation" weeks coming up. :-)
In the spirit of endings and new beginnings, I am finishing up some lingering projects, closing out some business ventures and focusing on what's ahead. I am putting together a teaching strategy book (tough project), I will be uploading some new things to my TPT store and working on making my blog look as spectacular as some of those others I have seen. 
I am so new to this. I still haven't learned how to link to my blog when I write comments. Hopefully, somewhere in those two weeks, I will come across a good blog tutorial. If anyone knows of any, please leave the link in my comments.

And now for a freebie--Just because.
I saw this quote on leadership at a community center where I was volunteering and had to have it for my classroom. 

You can get it from my TPT Store

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