Friday, August 23, 2013

Pounding the Pavement and Compound Words

I'm so excited. After weeks of trying, the hubby and I finally snagged seats on a bus to Washington DC to take part in the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. Anyone who knows me knows that I am always ready to pound the pavement for something that I believe in and I am ecstatic about the opportunity to participate in such a historic event.
So in honor of my upcoming trip, I have created a Compound Word Song Freebie! (Yay!).
Initially, when I planned our compound word unit, I watched and sang Dr. Jean's "Compound Word Boogie' on Youtube a gazillion times, so that I wouldn't forget it. I had my pictures printed on cardstock, cut and magnetized (I put magnet dots on the back),  had my marker poised over my magnetic dry erase board and COULD NOT REMEMBER THE SONG!! No matter how hard I tried, I could not get the beat in my head. For some reason I cannot explain, the only tune that would come to my head was "Sally the Camel". ARRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!
So in Super Teacher fashion, I just made up a compound word song to that tune. I wrote it on my dry erase board leaving blank spaces for pictures (I switched them as the verses changed) and the children LOVED IT! In fact, we began singing the song during transition times. The children all stop what they are doing and yell out the compound word (which makes the little teacher in my head start doing the running man).

If you use these with your children, let me know how they like it. While you are there, click the follow button so you can be one of the first to know about my new products.

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